JP Productions
The mission of JP Productions is to allow individuals the chance to  express themselves through creative means. To allow those who have a desire to perform, to teach, to direct, to write, to inspire people; to grow within a group setting. JP Productions wants to showcase theatre that challenges both the audience and those involved. Through workshops, performing, writing original work, taking shows and performing them in non-conventional and thinking outside of the box is this groups motto. This group is all about letting individuals of all types and experiences to be allowed to create in a safe, free, open, and educational setting. To allow those who normally never get a chance to be in the spot light have their chance to shine. Cause we all deserve a chance to fly.

The Purpose: To create, perform, challenge and educate in a creative manner.

The Business: To provide individuals with a safe and educational environment to create and inspire through art. To learn about the business and make a profit to flourish and create affordable, professional theatre.

The Values: To provide a feeling of belonging, unity, collaboration, and inspiration to those involved.